A collection of drawings made using pen and paper. This collection has no specific theme or meaning or purpose, all is done using an inky pen. 

Dark Illustrations


A collection of some of my Illustrations. All of these are my personal work from my sketchbooks. All these drawings have been sketched first then inked with a drawing pen. When It comes to traditional art I prefer to only use pen. I use pens of different weights for different elements of the drawings.

I try to always make my drawings detailed with a dark twist. I prefer drawing horror creatures/characters, since it was an interest of mine since I was young. My style can be different from drawing to drawing, it always depends on how much time I want to spend on the drawing, the type of pen that I’m using and the scale of the drawing.


More Dark Illustrations


 Some more of my drawings. I wouldn’t say any of my drawings have a meaning, I just draw whatever comes to my mind in the given moment. Some of these drawings are meant to be small tattoo designs since that’s another thing I’m interested in.


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